Kaley Grimland-Mendoza, ALBA Business Enterprise Development Specialist: thrives working to bring back and maintain ecosystems to a socially just food system. Kaley started as an independent contractor at ALBA in February 2009 as the Triple M Wetlands Restoration Project Manager after completing a MA in International Environmental Policy. Concurrently over the next four-years, she developed and implemented ALBA’s Food Safety Program leading all ALBA tenant farmers to food safety certification. Her work providing multi-faceted technical assistance to small farmers has expanded to include: organic certification, business development, marketing, and environmental education. Encompassing these topics, Kaley is now ALBA’s Business Enterprise Development Specialist.

Kaley holds a MA in International Environmental Policy focusing on sustainable agriculture and rural development and a BA in Biology. Her four years living in Latin America provided her the technical language skills and cultural sensitivity to effectively communicate and work with Latino farmers. Her professional endeavors in California and abroad have included, working on organic farms, project management, non-profit program development, and managing farmers markets.